Welcome to the Black. Women. Business. community!

Entrepreneurship is hard. Being an unapologetic Black woman takes courage. Stop doing it all alone!

What is Black. Women. Business. all about?

Let's face it: Although Black women are the fastest growing segment of women entrepreneurs in the United States, we are still among the most underserved and least supported. 

The Black. Business. Women. community is here to change that!

This is a space for us to be real, be Black, be businesswomen and be supported.

Hey, sis! I’m Elayne, and as a coach, I help Black women successfully build their businesses and brands. I created this community just for women like YOU! I wanted a safe space where smart, creative, ambitious, generous and unapologetically Black women entrepreneurs -- who face unique challenges in the world we live in today -- could come together to grow our businesses. Here, we share resources, learn from each other, build meaningful relationships, talk through our fears and our challenges, and celebrate each other’s successes! It is possible!

Why you belong here!

Entrepreneurship is hard. Being an unapologetic Black woman takes courage. Stop trying to do it all alone, sis! You've done that long enough.


In the Black. Women. Business. community, you'll not only have the opportunity to build meaningful connections with likeminded Black women entrepreneurs and business owners around the world, you'll get access to resources and tools that will truly help you grow your business -- such as online courses & workshops, tips on raising capital, grants for your business and more. We know you're here to network; but we also know you're here to make moves!


If you're like me, you want to learn from people who have done it, been successful at some things, stumbled through others, and who aren't afraid to share all the gritty details about what worked and what didn't.

As a member of the Black. Women. Business. community, you have access to EXCLUSIVE LIVE WORKSHOPS & COURSES from top entrepreneurs, industry experts and thought leaders in a range of fields, who share their expertise and best business practices with us! 

Workshops are hosted by Elayne Fluker and include topics such as: how to confidently set your prices, how to leverage social media platforms like LinkedIn for business, how to align with your purpose and still make a profit, how to know when it’s time to pivot and reinvent, how to avoid burnout as a business owner, how to make self-care a priority, how to choose your vision over your ego, and so much more. Ask questions of our presenters in real-time and get feedback that will help you grow your business! 

MISSED A LIVE WORKSHOP? NO PROBLEM! Replays of our workshops and other video lessons to help you grow your business and take care of yourself will be available for Black. Women. Business. Community members.


We know you're busy, so, as a bonus, we've made it super easy for you to keep up with Black. Women. Business. while you're on the go! After you join the Black. Women. Business. community, just download our app via Mighty Networks so you get notifications about what's new and you can easily connect with SiSters in your area! (See more details the bottom of this page .)


Have a question for me? Just ask! While I'd love for us all to meet up in-person, social distancing is keeping most of us in our respective homes these days. But don't worry, we still gon' connect! Each week we'll have live chats scheduled for you and I to connect. Tell me about your business, ask a question or get feedback! 

Join the Black. Women. Business. community! 

We'd love to connect with you!

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